We are proud to introduce you to Skyfire Aviation Jet Marketing & Acquisitions providing a total Aircraft Sales Compliment by teaming with highly experienced professionals to give Individuals and Corporations consultation for intelligent decision-making. Founded by J.K. Kallina, Skyfire Aviation was designed to provide our clients top quality service. Our company will provide you purchasing, sales, operational, risk, legal and employment direction to keep your Aircraft Operations safe and efficient.

Our highest priority is client satisfaction in association with a pleasurable experience. We feel the best way to maintain this value is through our employees and consultants being trained and dedicated to provide the most informative service available in the industry. From the first call to inquire about your aviation needs, until the sales or acquisition closing you can rest assured you are being served by proven professionals.

With utmost customer service accomplished through detailed and timely communications, satisfaction is automatically fostered as you share in success with our organization by maintaining transaction quality. Developing trust, maintaining ethics, and feeding off the group experience enhances our strength in production through a team-building concept. Today, we’re offering a hands-down more economical, safer friendlier way to accomplish your Aviation goals. Please spread your wings and take a wonderful journey with us.


J.K. Kallina

Jet Marketing and Acquisitions